Making your best asset your game changer

Having the best people in place is the best bet for your business.

But finding the right candidates with the perfect skill set, attitude and experience can be a challenge whilst retaining staff in an environment where they are in demand is difficult.

AM and the Institute of the Motor Industry’s (IMI) People conference returns for the third year exploring how to attract and retain the employees you need to exceed performance and profit expectations.

Our event remains the only one of its kind in the industry. We gather together some of the sector’s top employee specialists, commentators, academics and trainers as well as automotive retailer colleagues and industry leaders whose insights will help you shape a winning people strategy.

Your employees remain your key differentiator. In an environment where consumers are demanding an exceptional customer experience that’s personal, seamless and technologically advanced, your people are more important than ever.

AM and IMI’s People Conference will provide industry professionals with best practice, new ideas and insights on how to lead a team and create an attractive and enjoyable place to work which, in turn, aids recruitment and retention.

The topics we explore include:-

  • Employee retention
  • The skills shortage
  • Attracting high calibre school leavers to the sector
  • An open-minded recruitment policy
  • Creating a workplace fit for the 21st century employee
  • Appealing to Generation Z
  • Developing an attractive yet profitable work-life balance
  • Preparing employees for promotion
  • An expanding sector following a record March and quarter with new vehicle registrations up 4.4% in April 2016 to date on the same period last year*
  • Broaden your horizons when it comes to casting your employment net
  • Tackling the traditional salary structure and commission culture
  • Developing genuine leaders within your organisation

Develop your best people strategy with the help of AM and the IMI.

For latest thinking and information on the changing professionalism of automotive retail, join us.

* (Figures: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders)